The Top 2 Supplements For Liver Detox And Cleanse

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body to detoxify chemicals and metabolizes drugs. To keep your liver healthy is really important. Although the liver has the capacity for generation, sometimes it is just too much toxins for the liver. It could be heavy drinking, industrial chemicals, too many late nights, or certain prescription drugs. The liver gets overloaded as we constantly expose to the toxins. So it seems a good idea to give some help to the liver to help it cleanse and regenerate.

I found this video by Dr. Axe helpful. In around short 8 mins he briefly introduced a few ways for liver cleanse and detox. I found these 3 ways were reasonably easy to do:

  1. avoid toxins from your diet (such as processed foods, packaged foods, and fast foods)
  2. consume liver detoxifying supplements
  3. Detox your emotions (anger really damages the liver, also avoid frustration, resentment, and unforgiveness)

He also suggested 3 top supplements that help liver cleanse and regeneration and I agree with these 2:

Milk Thistle: it supports the liver function and the body’ natural detoxification pathways.

Gaia Herbs Milk Thistle Seed, Vegan Liquid Capsules, 120 Count – Liver Cleanse Supplement to Support Detox and Metabolism, 600 mg Concentrated Extract

Dandelion: it helps with liver function and detox, improve liver health, and also support the digestive tract. I normally have dandelion tea instead of supplementary pills.

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