Sweat It Out

Can you sweat out the toxins? sure you can.

We mentioned in a previous article that liver is one of the primary detox organ in our body, but it could get overloaded (overworked) thus could not get rid of all of the toxins from intake.

Where do these excessive toxins go? They get stored in the fat. Sounds scary? Don’t worry, it’s not permanent. There is a system to get rid of the toxins in the fat – the skin, by “sweating them out”. So yes, you can sweat out the toxins.

Obviously, exercise is a natural way to sweat. Not only for the body detox purpose, it can also make you happy. Because, when you exercise, your brain releases happy neurotransmitters such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine which are responsible for happiness. Consider it as an emotional detox too! So, get moving guys, hit the gym!

I know, some of you don’t like the gym and running outside is not always an option. In this case, you can do sauna. I really like sauna, it gets you to sweat in no time. It’s probably even more effective than exercise. There are a lot of studies (e.g. this one, and this one…) regarding sauna bathing helps people with cardiovascular problems. It reduces blood pressure, enhances blood flow and improves cardiac functioning. What’s better, it also reduces the stress level.

Do you know now there are even portable saunas? It really makes home spa super easy. Check this out on amazon:

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