Probiotics or Prebiotics?

The quick answer is both, you need them both.

In a nutshell, probiotics are good bacteria in your gut and prebiotics are their food.

I found this nice short video by Dr. Frank W. Jackson who did an excellent job explaining what are probiotics and prebiotics and why you need them both. You can watch it above.

Keep reading if you would like more details:

Ever wonder where are the fast food craving comes from? Why detox can reduce cravings significantly?

We have both good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria in our colon / gut. There are a lot of different species for both of them. They establish good bacteria guilds and bad bacteria guilds in our gut. When you are craving all kinds of fast food, process food, high sugar high cholesterol food…it is mostly because the bad bacteria guilds are winning the field. When you feel calm and only want healthy food, it is the good bacteria guilds are in charge.

An important step for colon detox is to power the good bacteria guilds and reduce the bad ones. To power the good guys, the obvious way is to give them their foods – prebiotics.

The logic is simple: give the good guys (probiotics) their food (prebiotics), so they can win the war against the bad guys (bad bacteria). When the good guys win, you win. You get to have good eating habits, weight loss, improved mental and emotional health (yes gut bacteria affect our emotions), support immune function, good metabolism, etc. The good outcomes are enormous.

So, get the prebiotics for your probiotics! Otherwise no matter how much probiotics you get, they can’t survive without their food!