A Good Incense Warms Your Heart

Incenses have the capacity not only cleanse your home and your environment, but also your mind, emotion, and chi.

I enjoy burning incense before going to sleep, or during meditation. The aroma opens my heart and releases happiness. It really helps me keep my inner peace and eliminate fear.

It makes sense too, you know, good aromas have therapeutical effects. Smell is one of the 5 major senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound). Did you ever wonder how we are able to smell? Yes, the molecules that are responsible for scents/aromas go straight to our brain’s sensory systems through the nose. Our brain is a well-protected organ. Only a few things can go inside the brain. Scents have fast and direct effects on the brain. They can quickly calm the nerve and reduce stress and lower the anxiety level. It’s almost like the brain could extract energy from the fragrance.

It could be incenses made of wood or herb. It has to be all natural though, the artificial ones mixed with all kinds of chemicals would only do harm. They are toxins instead of cleansing helper.

My personal favorite is Tibetan incenses. Tibetans have a long history making incenses, it is in their culture and daily life. The good ones are made in all natural way and in reference to the secret recipe thousands of years ago. But these ones are hard to come by in the states. A good brand makes original ancient Tibetan incenses is Men-Tsee-Khang from Tibetan Medical & Astro-science Institute. And “Sorig” is a popular and quality incense from Men-Tse-Khang. You can easily buy it on Amazon:

A nice alternative is the incense made of pure wood such as piñon, juniper, cedar, mesquite, etc. I found these are very common in New Mexico. A good brand is “Incienso de Santa Fe”